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Audio Mastering, Restoration and Mix Delivery Education

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SPECIAL OFFER: If you have spent money on any instant mastering sites program please send it to me as a WAV. file before you apply any other processing or bouncing. I will not only send you a detailed Wavelab Analysis of what it has done to your music, and help take the guesswork out of it. I will also include a free full-service elite quality master MP-4 with Apple encoding. This will be encoded by Apple Mastering and will play on iTunes identical to a stream.

You would want to know why your music isn’t as loud as the pros! You want to know the right levels in the various delivery processes. There is so much false, old or not of expert opinion on the internet it’s hard to know without trial and error. There isn’t hard numbers because one size doesn’t fit all. It’s best to be able to ask questions.

The people who I’ve trained under.

Gantt “The Man” Kushner

Gantt Kushner of the legendary Gizmo Recording Company.

Located in Takoma Park M.D. and has been in operation for 30+ years

To a one of a kind teacher.

R.I.P. Shannon Walton

Carey Jonathan

Artist A.K.A.-47

Once you become a paid customer you become an (M) Class Member that grants you access to our full line of services including mixing, restoration, discounted album rates, direct email for questions and customer referral status. That means you can refer clients to us once we stop taking new customers. A (S) Class Membership or Simple membership adds you to our database so when the transition to invite/refer only takes place you still have access.

To ensure the highest quality please transfer your mixed down tracks using with an accompanying email to In the subject line of emails and transfers please label ELITE and make sure all tracks are properly labeled with the Artist & Date.

Email Subject must be labeled ELITE or I will lose it!



There is no Facebook, Google Business, Instagram or any social media site associated with this company and this is intensional. Please don't ask us if you can create them for us or if we want to pay for services such as advertising or anything else. We are word of mouth for now phasing to member invites only. I don't do this for any money over operating costs...I do this to return the favor that someone did for me. I remember how I felt when my vision truly came to life and I feel indebted to that person forever.....we are powerless over love and music's spell....