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Full Service Audio Mastering & Mix Delivery Education

Starting Black Friday 27th for a limited time your first mastered track is free and includes our famous “you don’t bug us we don’t bug you” Email Free (S) Class Membership and a lottery entry for a chance at our Mix Delivery Education via Zoom, access to the full line of services, and (M) Class Membership for free. First come first serve so when we hit our limit a status update will be posted here.

We are a full service audio mastering and mix delivery education service covering all genres of music. We started this service due to the amount of Web/Instant mastering services (Soundcloud, Aria, Cloudbounce) where you pay, load your song and get what you get. These services to us are a scam. Here’s why: The people using these services are more likely to have less mixing experience and are more likely to have something in the mix that needs to be corrected resulting in several more paid attempts to get the desired results. These services are “no assistance” meaning there is no one to answer questions or to instruct you why your mix could be posing problems. If you don’t have someone to teach you you will be making that same mistake and paying for three attempts and that’s what they want. That’s wasted money to us. We rank those services up there with the advertisements claiming “pay us X amount of $ for top placement on Spotify playlist”. Because we are focused on countering their intensions we offer a more than competitive price. We offer answers to your questions so you have a target to work toward and not just turning knobs till shit sounds good or relying on the dizzying amount of differing and or incorrect internet information. The first thing we establish with our clients is what what direction do they want us to take with the finished product and if you are not aware of the differences or colors mastering can create we teach you. We will work with you and your mix-down/restoration/score until it’s correct. With your first paid mastered track we will teach you how to properly deliver your mixes to this important step. We will not only provide you with a chart of clear and “in simple terms” instructions we will walk you through how to achieve this on your equipment via Zoom. Hands on always makes for better results plus presets are savable. This is very important and worth its weight in gold because it gives the mastering engineer more room to work with and puts your mix in the window for maximum results.

Once you become a paid customer you become an (M) Class Member that grants you access to our full line of services including mixing, restoration, discounted album rates, direct email for questions and customer referral status which means you can refer clients to us once we stop taking new customers. A (S) Class Membership or Simple or Shit membership adds you to our database so when the transition to invite/refer only takes place you still have access.

Rates: Introduction, 1 track master and Mix Delivery Education via Zoom €49. After that single tracks become €29-€49 per and will only exceed base price if you are provided more than 3 versions. Every version past 3 increases rate by €10. We accept Zelle and PayPal. We operate on a first come first serve basis but don’t expect to wait more than 14 hours.

To ensure the highest quality please transfer your mixed down tracks using or Dropbox with an accompanying email to In the subject line of emails and transfers please label ELITE and make sure all tracks are properly labeled with the Artist & Date. environment we work in predominately is Wavelab, utilizing Universal Audio plugins. I am an understudy of Shannon Walton (Fleetwood Mac) and Grammy Winner for lifetime in mastering Mastering Engineer Greg Lukens. There is no Facebook, Google Business, Instagram or any social media site associated with this company and this is intensional. Please don’t ask us if you can create them for us or if we want to pay for services such as advertising or anything else. We strive be an exclusive entity. We don’t do this for money…this exists only because we are powerless under love and music’s spell….

Email Subject must be labeled ELITE or I will lose that shit!