Hybrid HARDWARE AUDIO MASTERING, Restoration, & Mix Delivery Education

Elite Mastering offers hybrid hardware audio mastering and 5059 stem mastering, mixing, audio restoration, and experienced vinyl mastering.

All pro masters and pop hits follow the same level format. Having your music mastered to that format puts your music in the same loudness window as the “big boys”. We will not only put on the same level, we will work with you to get your mix into the best possible window for the best possible master. The mix delivery knowledge we give you is invaluable so your music isn’t immediately seen as amateur to the mixing and mastering engineers. Don’t make the mistake of going through automated services. Level differences in your song and the fact that they don’t want everybody’s music at a pro level that ends with your music not being at a competitive level. If you are mastering for vinyl you run the risk of the needle jumping off the record. We deliver Apple encoded MP-4’s along with our regular service so you can hear exactly how it will stream on Apple Music. Our pricing is very competitive and set on a job by job basis. We also offer yearly and monthly subscription services. For a free estimate and Wavelab analysis please contact us through our contact page or send an email to info@elitemastering.com. Please only send one track for analysis.